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Our comprehensive and extensive selection of provisions have been carefully curated to cater to the diverse needs of your food service and hospitality establishment.

At our Cash & Carry, you can look forward to the convenience of purchasing a vast array of products such as seafood, poultry, snacks, drinks, fruits, and vegetables, all in bulk. 

We guarantee the needs of the restaurants and hotels will all be met.

Delivery options will be available.

Yacht Provisioning

We are passionate about sourcing and supplying premium products for yacht charter provisioning. Specializing in sourcing of top-quality fish, meats, produce, cheeses, beverages, wine and spirits, we work with established suppliers and wholesalers we know and trust to ensure the quality of each item.

If you don't see the item you need on our list, it will be our pleasure to find it. We know that a pleased crew provides the standard of service your clients demand.

Don't have time to visit our stores? Then you're welcome to submit an order to us via email at

To schedule our free Marina Shuttle pick-up or drop-off for yourself stewardess/steward, or chef please call us (473)-405-4614. 

See below for further details on Marina pick-up locations.

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